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Family. For most of us it’s what motivates us every day to do the things we do. To push a little harder even though we are tired. To wake up every day and go to work. To save, to sacrifice, to worry, for years and even decades. I grew up in a large close family with six siblings and my parents. My parents worked hard every day to keep us clothed, feed, sheltered, but most of all for us to always know that we were loved. Now that I have my own family I work hard every day to show my family the same values that my parents taught me. In my 28 years as a Financial Professional working with clients to help them manage and investment their money, I’ve learned that what makes clients most happy is not necessary having the most money in their investment account, but having the most happy memories with their families. As your Financial Service Professional I’ll work hard to make sure your money works hard for you so you can spend your time building those happy family memories instead of worrying about your financial future.